Mobile Business Cards: 3 Ways to Go Digital

Mobile Business CardAt a recent networking event, I was surprised to see how many people were still passing around printed business card. Make a resolution to go digital—and save a tree—replacing the paper card exchange with the tap of a phone.

Here are three great mobile business card options to consider. Best of all, they’re all free for the basic version.

Cardcloud. A mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, Cardcloud enables you to share mobile business cards with anyone, even if they don’t have the Cardcloud app. Sharing options include phone to phone or phone to email.

Prestoh. Create a mobile business card in minutes using the data in your LinkedIn account (or enter it manually if you’re not on LinkedIn yet). Prestoh includes a vCard (a common file format for electronic business cards) and QR code (Quick Response code, a square bar code that your smartphone can scan).

Sitomic. Offers a mobile business card that you can create in minutes (see my card to the left). You can choose from several templates, enter your data including social links, and publish your card. Features include Google Maps integration, a URL shortener, and a QR code generator with tracking.

  • Sara Wretstrom

    Prestoh is my favorite. I rarely use paper business cards anymore!

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